University Place Becoming Multi-Use Facility

In the heart of the IUPUI campus, University Place is assuming new roles.

After nearly three decades as a hotel and conference center in the heart of the IUPUI campus, University Place is assuming new roles and will get new names for each part of the facility in 2013. Less than a year from now, it will be a residence hall named “The Tower,” home for nearly 600 IUPUI freshman students. It also will be a key part of classroom life at IUPUI.

Hine Hall, named for former Chancellor Maynard K. Hine, added 15 new classrooms, enhancing IUPUI’s academic mission. Hine Hall (formerly “The Academic Hall”) became available at the start of the spring semester, and is easing the campus’s growing need for educational assets. The Tower will expand on-campus housing by nearly 50 percent by the beginning of fall 2013.

The Tower will feature double- and triple-occupancy rooms with private baths—and a traditional on-campus housing experience that will help incoming freshmen adjust to the demands of college life. It is expected to significantly augment campus life, thanks to its proximity to the Campus Center, University Library, the Natatorium, and the rest of the campus’s heart.

The facility will include the campus’s first dining hall, laundry facilities, a workout room, and spaces for student activities and study. The dining hall, located in what is now Scholar’s Hall, is expected to open full time in August to the IUPUI campus community and general public—not just to residents.

“The converted facility will provide much-needed assets to the campus that address high-priority needs for our students, faculty, and staff,” says Chancellor Charles R. Bantz. He noted that studies show that students who live on campus have higher retention rates and grade-point averages.

Several existing facilities will retain their current roles, including the auditorium and the grand ballroom, both of which will be available for special events. Meeting rooms will be available for special events and lectures that don’t require the capacity offered by the auditorium and the ballroom.

Two primary on-campus food venues, Our Den and Chancellor’s, will be redesigned for future food-service demands. Until the work is completed on those ground-floor facilities, The Bistro will fulfill public dining demands on the second floor. Once the first-floor work is completed and the restaurant reopens next summer, the space temporarily filled by The Bistro will become lounge space for Housing and Residence Life use.