Myth-busters II

Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman

Aaron Carroll (left) and Rachel Vreeman (right) are enjoying new success with their second book of medical myth busting.

It seems IU School of Medicine faculty members Rachel Vreeman and Aaron Carroll are never going to run short of medical myths to bust.

The tandem (featured in the Winter 2010 issue of IUPUI Magazine) first gained national prominence with their 2009 book Don’t Swallow Your Gum!, debunking old wives’ tales about health and wellness. And now, they’re back with Don’t Cross Your Eyes … They’ll Get Stuck That Way!

Among the myths they tackle this time around: air driers in public restrooms keep your hands cleaner than paper towels (they don’t); Vitamin C helps cure colds (it doesn’t); and warm milk will help you sleep (nope, not that one, either).

Their main goal? Convince people that just because an old axiom appears in print or on the web doesn’t make it true. “It’s OK to question your physician,” says Vreeman.