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Launching a new tradition

Research opportunities are nothing new for IUPUI graduate and undergraduate students — itís one of the campusís big advantages for budding scientists and discovery-minded students.

But a chance to ask questions face-to-face with a Nobel Prize laureate? That opportunity doesnít come along every day — or didnít until this spring's first IUPUI Research Day when experimental physicist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Leon Lederman came calling.

Lederman is the director emeritus of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois and a past president of the American Physical Society. During the day-long celebration of cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research and scholarly activity at IUPUI, he spoke about his passion for research and the lure of a world of scientific inquiry, then answered questions from students intrigued by the quest for knowledge.

IUPUI Research Day was launched by Kody Varahramyan, the vice chancellor for research, not only to feature top research minds from around the world, but also to give student researchers an opportunity to "show off" their work to fellow students and research mentors through poster sessions, roundtables and abstracts.

Presentation sessions gave visitors a glimpse of the breadth of the inquiry that permeates all of IUPUI's schools and centers. They range from bioscience and health technology to cancer research, from health education to the social sciences, from education and law to technology and innovation — and all the intersections that have grown or will grow between those disciplines. Given the enthusiasm of first-year participants, it's a nearcertainty that Research Day will become one of the campus's top academic traditions.

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