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[PHOTO] Stepping Up: Summer 2008

Honoring our past

Joseph T. Taylor was the first dean of the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI

One of the iconic figures in campus history now has his name attached to one of IUPUI's most historic buildings.

Joseph T. Taylor, the first dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI and a key figure in the Indianapolis community, was honored this May when University College — the original university library — was renamed Joseph T. Taylor Hall.

The building will continue as the home of University College, IUPUI's portal for all entering students, as well as the campus's support system for student achievement. Taylor Hall also will host IUPUI's new Multi-Cultural Center.

To Chancellor Charles Bantz, "it is fitting that his name be attached to one of our original buildings" since Taylor "was instrumental in implementing the merger that led to the establishment of IUPUI. Dr. Taylor was a pioneer at every stage of his academic career. He infused that 'can-do' spirit and ability to break new ground into the very core of what has made IUPUI successful today."

Taylor was a professor of sociology in liberal arts from 1965-83. He was dean of the Indianapolis Regional Campus from 1967-70, then Liberal Arts from 1967-78. His passion for IUPUI's role as vital a part of Indianapolis life also is carried forward in the annual Joseph T. Taylor Symposium, an annual celebration exploring urban issues and a university's role in handling those issues. Taylor passed away in 2000.