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[PHOTO] Stepping Up: Summer 2008

Publication Credits

Welcome to IUPUI Magazine, the alumni publication celebrating the men and women whose careers and accomplishments highlight the best our campus has to offer. Once again, the Summer '08 issue features not only their stories and photos, but also their voices and personalities, thanks to the wonders of video interviews that add extra flavor to these stories.

Those involved in the production of this publication include:

Creative director: Ric Burrous profile
Design Greg Goul agency website
Magazine web design Steve Hodges (BS '04) profile
Video production Steve Hodges (BS '04), video director/producer
Joshua Normington (BS '06), video production profile
Editing Jill Meadows (BA '90)
Photography John R. Gentry; Brian Drumm; Tony Valainis; Purdue University; NASA; Operation Dreamseed; Sarah Fisher Racing