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Technology Issue

IUPUI Magazine is published twice a year for alumni of the schools of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The IU Alumni Association, the Indiana University Foundation and the IUPUI Office of External Affairs support the magazine.

For inquiries, please contact:

IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations
850 W. Michigan St., Suite 241
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5198
Phone 317-274-8828
Toll free 866-267-3104
Fax 317-274-5064

The people behind this issue of IUPUI Magazine include:

Creative Director Ric Burrous (BA '74)
Magazine Web Design Steve Hodges (BS '04)
Video Production Steve Hodges (BS '04) - Producer
Josh Normington (BS '06) - Editor
Freddy Barnes - Camera Operator
Design Greg Goul
Editing Jill Meadows (BA '90)
Photography John Gentry; Tony Valainis; Brian Drumm; Susan Tennant (MS '00), IU School of Informatics; Community Health Network; Medical Animatics, LLC; Purdue University; IU School of Law-Indianapolis; Office of Visual Media/IU School of Medicine