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Touched by Technology

Article by Ric Burrous

The "soaring art" of technology is embedded deeply in the fabric that is IUPUI, and affects virtually all aspects of campus life. It has streamlined recruitment and enrollment of students. Technological advances offer new career options for students to pursue, open up new avenues in more traditional degree paths, expand the horizons of existing programs that serve students both here and on the far side of the earth, and even revolutionize the way students study in campus libraries.

Technology plays a crucial role in a wide range of research projects, from global work on technological systems themselves to providing the power that allows researchers to study the smallest building blocks of life.

Technological inspiration has helped turn the notions of students and former students into ideas that change the world (see feature stories on Dave Jent and Michael Lucas, and David Mills and Ali Jafari) and pushed the IUPUI campus into the forefront of the information superhighway, running such vital high-speed networks as Internet2, TransPac and other international research networks.

Technology affects the way people can reach out to help others, asSchool of Informatics alumni Zach Shields and Chris Podell learned in their efforts to help earthquake victims on the far side of the world.

And technology even changes the way IUPUI works with its neighbors, as in this fallís project to preserve the memorabilia of Hoosier basketball legend Oscar Robertson for future fans.

Keeping the impact in perspective

The impact technology has on higher education is a fact of life at IUPUI, as it is on every other college campus in America.

Whether itís lectures delivered via iPod, term papers turned in on flash drives, virtual classrooms that have one teacher for simultaneous classes in Indianapolis and in Poland, or the power of IUís Bloomington-based supercomputer to help researchers throughout Indiana University generate the power they need to solve complex problems, technology is the tool that allows students to thrive.