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Article by Ric Burrous features information relevant to prospective students.

Technology has played a big part in the way IUPUI now recruits students, then helps them enroll in classes. A process once heavy on paper products — 200-page viewbooks, postcards, campus maps and the requisite forms to fill out — has been streamlined by the web, says Jennifer Pease, the director of IUPUI’s Enrollment Center.

IUPUI was one of the first campuses to work with a New York company called GoalQuest, Inc., a recruitment, retention and enrollment firm that helped IUPUI develop technology vehicles to streamline the whole process.

"We were the first in Indiana to use their software, and among the first to develop a series of emails to stay in touch with those students and families that are interested in us," says Pease. It’s a step the Enrollment Center has never regretted.

"It’s a great way to deliver the just-in-time information that students need," she says. "We had to recognize that students’ expectations about technology are pretty high." In fact, therein lies one of the problems Pease and her staff confront.

"We still have older students who are intimidated by computers, while a lot of high school students tell us that ‘email is for old people,’ " she chuckles. It means that even in a high-tech age, printed materials still have to be part of the mix. "You want to have multiple doors open," Pease adds.

Once IUPUI is selected, though, technology is a lifesaver for both employees and students.

"Since we’ve gone to online registration, the old, long lines have pretty much disappeared," says Pease. "Prospects get their info entered into our systems in five or six minutes; and once we’ve gathered that, we can serve them more quickly and effectively at each step along the way."